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medium density fiberboard
Prof. Volker Albus
Anne Lorenz

Bedrooms and the demands on this place are many-sided and differ a lot. One aspect always seems to be crucial: it's supposed to be a place that provides a sense of intimacy, security and comfort, as the German word "Geborgenheit" expresses best. Traditionally the bedroom is the only protected, private place at home that does not have to be presentable to outsiders and where personal idiosyncrasy is preserved. Modern architecture often involves more open spaces in the living area, without defined living-, bed-, and work rooms. Thus it is delightful to have a piece of furniture that provides privacy in a flexible and many-sided way even in such spaces.

Parawall is a modular system. Lids and boxes can be fixed into the wooden frames with magnets, creating a transparent or shielded place. The frames are locked into position with hinges. Generously cut apartments can be structured spontaneously, creating islands adjustable to the needs of the place - a new type of product, suitable for modern living.

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